With world population rising, arable land per person diminishing, and demand increasing for higher quality diets that include more fruits and vegetables and protein from crop-fed livestock, the need to maximize the efficiency of farmland has never been greater.

Every crop harvested removes nutrients from the soil, which must be replaced to keep soil healthy and productive.

According to the United Nations, a billion people in the world are starving. The demand for food keeps rising as the population continues to grow.

Agriculture is the biggest industry in the world by far, but fails to satisfy basic demand. Increasing crop yield will begin to solve the problem.

Introducing VEGRO®

VEGRO® is a technologically-advanced plant growth enhancer new to the horticultural and agricultural industry.

The bio-catalytic composition of VEGRO® offers a revolutionary technology that optimizes the bioavailability of nutrients and improves crop yield and quality.

VEGRO® works with all types of grow mediums and is highly beneficial to hydroponic systems.

Benefits include:

Simple delivery method

Reduces additional fertilizer requirements

Compatible with all growing mediums

Compatible with all hydroponic type systems

Optimized nutrient uptake

Increased photosynthetic rate of plants

Increased sugar concentration

Accelerated growth

Increased crop quality characteristics

Increased crop protein content


VEGRO® represents a scientific breakthrough developed at a UK university.

Product description

The primary benefits of VEGRO® are related to the well-balanced supply of nutrients promoting and optimizing physiological growth and development.

VEGRO® contains a unique formulation providing efficient uptake of nutrients. It significantly increases magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe) utilization enhancing photosynthetic rates of the plant, which results in increased sugar production that will be turned into yield.

The technology also contains chemically-stabilised nitrogen (N) that offers a prolonged supply by foliar absorption. Balanced growth regulating cytokinins result in enhanced root mass production and increased growth.

VEGRO® is a multi-purpose product, designed to enhance plant nutrient absorption and growing conditions, providing accelerated plant growth in soils, or any other grow mediums, including hydroponic and aeroponic systems.

Case studies have demonstrated harvested yield was 30% to 100% greater than standard grown crops.

VEGRO® is a fertiliser that maximizes plant health by providing maximum utilization of nutrients, while providing an optimal growing environment.

Plants will grow faster, generate higher yields and will be more resistant to diseases.

Our studies have demonstrated increased chlorophyll and sugar concentrations, enhanced root growth, overall plant strength and vigour, promoted healthy foliage and accelerated growth rates, overall resulting in significantly higher yields.

Most growth enhancement products on the market have been proven to stretch cellular growth; this results in larger plants, but the cellular structure is significantly weakened which causes reductions in quality and shelf-life.

VEGRO® enhances cellular division and growth that allows strong and compact plant development. It leads to dense cellular growth that increases weight and size equally.

Finally it reduces water loss of plants which is vital for shelf-life of fresh produce.

VEGRO® works synergistically

VEGRO® increases magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe) utilization, enhancing photosynthetic rates which results in an increase in chlorophyll and sugar concentration that causes acceleration in plant growth. Magnesium (Mg) is also vital to various metabolic functions; it activates enzymes and helps move phosphorus (P)around the plants.

VEGRO® regulates cytokinin levels in plants leading to an improvement of crop physiological characteristics. Cytokinins are known to affect many plant developmental processes including cell division, cell differentiation, chlorophyll senescence and apical dominance. The result is an increased yield in terms of fresh weight and quality characteristics including leaf strength, colour, and shelf-life (reduced rate of water loss and maintenance of hardness).

VEGRO® contains chemically-stabilised nitrogen (N) which reduces the conversion on the leaf from ammonium to nitrate resulting in a greater and prolonged supply of nitrogen (N) by foliar absorption. Nitrogen (N) is the one nutrient most often limiting plant growth and therefore essential for an accelerated growth.

VEGRO® finally includes a well-balanced supply of nutrients promoting optimized crop physiological growth and development. Suitable macro nutrients are for instance, phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and sulphur (S). Micro nutrients include boron (B), cobalt (Co), copper (Cu), fluoride (F), iodine (I), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo), zinc (Zn), etc. Furthermore, other agrochemical excipients are included, such as amino acids, vitamins and seaweed.

Product delivery


VEGRO® is suitable for use on most crops, but in particular can be used for the treatment of greenhouse crops, vegetables, and fruit crops.

Furthermore, it can be applied on, but not limited to, cereals, oil seed rape, potatoes, sugar beet, vegetable crops, leafy vegetables, cucurbits and grassland.

VEGRO® can be applied to plants in any conventional manner, for instance by soil, water, growth medium, seed treatments, or foliar application. In some embodiments, the foliar application is preferred. VEGRO® may be used on root systems, stems, seeds, grains, tubers, flowers, fruits, etc. as required.

Examples of means of application include spraying, for example by means of an electrostatic or other conventional sprayer, or drip irrigation methods or fertigation systems, which involve application directly to the soil, so as to allow magnesium (Mg) and/or iron (Fe) uptake through the roots.

The amount of VEGRO® applied in any particular situation will vary depending upon a number of factors such as the nature of the crop, location, season, etc.

Applications, timings, as well as dosages are important and dependent on plant growth stages.

For instance an application of 2 litres/hectare between Growth Stage 15–18, 4–6 litres/hectare at Growth Stage 41–42 and 4–6 litres/hectare at Growth Stage 45–47 for vegetable crops has been proven to be most effective. This however can differ for other plants.

Importantly, the maximum dose of 5 litres/hectare at a time and 15 litres/hectare in total for well-developed crops with a minimum of 200 litres of water should not be exceeded.



VEGRO® does not promote, contain or cause in any way bacterial and fungal contamination such as E. coli, Salmonella and S. Aureus. It also does not promote, contain or cause contamination from any metals and mycotoxins (Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2 and Ochratoxin A).

VEGRO® is non-corrosive and is non-toxic to plants at the recommended rates.

VEGRO® is classified as non-hazardous for handling or transport, however, protecting oneself when handling any such product is always recommended. Avoiding direct contact with skin and eyes is important. It is recommended to follow the requirements on the MSDS sheet to minimise the associated risks and increase health and safety.


It is uncertain whether yield increases can be achieved to keep pace with the growing global food demand.

Furthermore, current projections of a required 50% increase in food production by 2050 to sustain demand have not taken into account the losses in yield and land area as a result of environmental degradation.

The natural environment comprises the entire basis for food production through water, nutrients, soils, climate, weather and insects for pollination and controlling infestations.

Land degradation, urban expansion and conversion of crops and cropland for non-food production, such as biofuels, may reduce the required cropland by 8–20% by 2050, if not compensated for in other ways.

This may cause projected yields to be 5–25% short of demand by 2050.

If losses in cropland area and yields are only partially compensated for, food production could potentially become up to 25% short of demand by 2050. This would require new ways to increase food supply.

Agriculture, the largest industry in the world, is also the biggest threat to the environment.

VEGRO® enhances crop production and reduces environmental pollution through reducing fertilizer demand.

By optimizing plant physiological processes, optimization of nutrient uptake and root growth, VEGRO® results in significant increases of chlorophyll and sugar concentrations turned into yield to combat global food shortages and pollution.

The superior performance and broad applicability of VEGRO® over traditional plant enhancement or enzyme products provides profound competitive advantages in the current marketplace.


To find out more about VEGRO® and to learn how it can help you,
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“I have never come across a product as good as VEGRO®. The outcome has been very impressive in terms of increased yield, quality and uniformity.”

Andrew Howseman

Agronomist and owner of Howseman Agriculture Ltd., which manages the growth of vegetable crops and especially potatoes across Lincolnshire.

“I’ve been using VEGRO® on my Scottish farms to enhance growth for grass fodder. The areas treated have produced an extra tonne of crop per acre. This result is highly significant and I fully expect VEGRO® to create major changes in the global fertiliser market.”

Alistair Snowie

Former senior advisor to British government
on agriculture.

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